Time To Say Goodbye To Nikon

facade of the old david strang coffee warehouse beside h and j smith warehouse esk street invercargill - goodbye to nikon
David Strang Coffee

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  1. Ratna Mukerji says:

    Lovely,moody stuff.Love the ones with vintage colour

  2. andrew ellis says:

    i have a nikon d1500 i cant let it go with a 18 70 nikkor lens its perfect

    • Rick says:

      Andrew – I loved my Nikon D5100 – it was (is) a very capable camera, and even with the basic 18-55 kit lens produced some startling images Check out my story – In Defence Of The Humble Kit Lens). I did find that the 18-200 zoom I started using was a little heavy so I wanted something a little smaller and lighter to make it easier to carry my camera with me as I get old and decrepit…LOL. The M43 Lumix G95 I moved to is much more compact.
      Thanks for your comment – I hope you enjoy browsing apertureprioritynz.com.

  3. k.Rogers says:

    Lovely set of photos with a fab little camra.
    I had 5300 and still have the 5500 got some fantastic shots putting good glass on them and so easy to use and carry. Moved on now too the z7 and z7ii still getting great shots from the extra pixels great for cropping.

    • Rick says:

      Thanks for dropping by – and thanks for the comment. I was always happy with the images from my D5100 (except when I made errors…) and always relied on “lower end” glass – i.e. kit lenses, which satisfied me, especially as my budget never allowed me to invest in exotic glass!
      Cheers, Rick

  4. Louis says:

    Your enjoyment and enthusiasm is aspiring. I like all your shots very much. However, I started digital photography with a beautiful four thirds Olympus in 2000. What I didn’t realize was I could never achieve real bokeh no matter the lens. Also, the amount of light I grabbed with the small sensor was poor. Four thirds and mirrorless are capable but not professional.

    • Rick says:

      Thanks for responding to this wee story Louis….and also for the kind comments about my pictures. I’m no expert but I’m sure that the M43 system has moved forward and improved greatly since 2000. However, my reason for moving away from Nikon was that I wanted a camera that was smaller and lighter, and still delivers good results in keeping with my amateur/hobby photographer status.
      Please continue to visit my website as I try to keep it updated as often as possible – and if you like what you see/read then please share with your friends. Many thanks, Rick

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