Photographing Trees

photographing trees - misty trees morrisons bush
misty trees morrisons bush

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  1. Robert Cudlipp says:

    Excellent. I find trees to be photogenic.
    Will read some of the articles you referred to.

  2. Thank you! Just about my favorite thing to photograph. I’m from the analog era. Black and white…FILM…and a bathroom full of chemicals for a darkroom.
    I will read some,
    maybe all of the information you cite. Really nice photographs.

    • Rick says:

      Thanks Nancy….I’ve just loaded some Ilford HP5 into my Canon EOS 1000F to shoot some BW….. not sure if I’ll be photographing trees, but who knows? Cheers, Rick.
      P.S. Subscribe to keep up to date – and please share/tell your friends about my photo blog.

  3. Martin says:

    A great project is photographing the same tree through the season changes

  4. Patrick L Smith says:

    I take pictures of trees in winter time summer n fall they are brilliant and beautiful !!! How can I see my photos on line too?? Patrickl Smith

  5. Patrick L Smith says:

    How can I share my pics??

  6. Brown says:

    Two things we need on this planet along with the sun are trees and bees.
    And I mean need so thank you for taking these wonderful pictures of one of my favourite things. TREES.
    Very photogenic.

    • Rick says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. Photographing trees is not a thing I do very often…maybe I should make it a project. Cheers, Rick

  7. Ans says:

    When I saw this misty trees photos recollections of 2019 January come quickly .tears were in eyes . missing lovely autumn of Pakistan.

  8. Brian Pereira says:

    I too love taking photographs of trees, especially the dead ones or the leafless ones.
    Also like the photographs in the article.

  9. Mark says:

    Hi Rick, Mark from Adelaide South Australia, Thanks for the great shots , I love photographing trees too, we have some beautiful Heritage Suburbs around Adelaide , Old Streets, Old houses & Old Trees

    • Rick says:

      Hi Mark – thanks for visiting my photoblog…nice to hear you enjoyed my story on Photographing Trees. There is a follow up here if you want to check it out.
      I’d love to see photos from around your area – I’ve not been to Adelaide.
      Regards, Rick

  10. Moe Berg says:

    Beautiful series. Thank you.

  11. Lisa says:

    Oh so happy to hear there is such a thing 🤗 I’m a newbie in photography and always seem to gravitate to photographing trees, I love trees!!! And then I thought I wonder if there’s a genre of photographing trees, I wonder if I can become a tree photographer not really thinking there is any such thing, but now I know there is 🥳 thankyou 🙌🫶

    • Rick says:

      Hi Lisa…trees generally are quite photogenic – more so in some conditions rather than others – i.e. in mist – so I guess it could be a genre in its own right – if not – you can make it one!
      Happy days, Rick

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