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experimenting with black and white a rocking horse appearing to look back over its shoulder at the viewer

Experimenting With Black And White Photography

In my website’s brief “about me” section  I describe myself as an opportunist photographer but if  I am blunt I would say that I am a procrastinator when it comes to my photography. In the past, I have rarely – if ever -planned to go out and capture specific images. But things changed recently when I started to become more

old shed in a paddock

6 Reasons To Use Nik Collection 5

Before I get to the 6 reasons to use Nik Collection 5 – first things first. What is the Nik Collection? The Nik Collection is arguably one of the most comprehensive collections of plugins, or stand-alone apps, for corrective and creative processing of photographs. It has been around for years and years in various guises – since 1995 in fact.

photographing trees - misty trees morrisons bush

Photographing Trees

Photographing Trees I never really stopped to think about taking photographs of trees as a specific niche genre of photography. But apparently, it is! A Google search throws up dozens and dozens of pages on how to photograph trees, and here was I thinking there is no right way or wrong way to take a snap of a tree. How

ferry reserve as seen from the old manawatu gorge bridge

Ferry Reserve Freedom Camping Area

Back in April I wrote a story called Our Favourite Freedom Camping Sites – Part 1.  This isn’t Part 2 – that is still to come – probably after we finish our jaunt around the lower half of the North Island in a few weeks. So please watch this space! However, there is at least one freedom camping site that

north bank otaki river sunset

Postcards From The North Island

Postcards From The North Island Growing up I remember listening to a radio programme by Alistair Cook called Letter From America. I loved his mellifulous voice, and the stories he told, and often thought it would be wonderful to be able to do something similar. But alas – I’ll have to settle for Postcards From The North Island presented here

overlooking the catlins river at hinahina reserve - the best parking spot one of our favourite freedom camping spots

Our Favourite Freedom Camping Spots – Part 1

This is a story about some of our favourite freedom camping spots – or at least about five of the 26 freedom camping spots we have stayed at so far in the South Island during our motorhome travels. More specifically, it gives me an opportunity to showcase some of the photographs I have taken in and around those five freedom

facade of the old david strang coffee warehouse beside h and j smith warehouse esk street invercargill - goodbye to nikon

Time To Say Goodbye To Nikon

Goodbye to Nikon – but potentially not forever…. A Nikon D5100 has been the number one camera in my photographic arsenal since late 2012 – and it has been a really fun and competent camera to use, capable, under the right conditions and operator (i.e. me) set-up, of producing fantastic results. However, since upgrading to a micro four-thirds Panasonic Lumix

Re-tyred Beetle in a car wrekcers yard, Invercargill black and white street views

Black And White Street Views

It might be strange for me to say this, but this collection of photographs of black and white street views was inspired by – or rather motivated by – Canadian photographer Kyle McDougall’s visual story called An American Mile which I stumbled across a few days ago. of black and white street views Sure my photographs and his are in

I believe that every time I press the shutter, I create for myself

David Beckstead




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a brief excursion to wellington

A Brief Excursion To Wellington

We were very lucky that New Zealand, except for Auckland, moved from Covid Alert Level 3 to Level 2 at one minute to midnight, Tuesday

oculus in the pantheon rome

I’ve Gone Full Circle With Lumix

Well, it seems that with the recent purchase of my new micro four-thirds I’ve gone full circle with Lumix. Eight days ago New Zealand went

on the boardwalk

Some Of My Favourite Photographs

I’ve taken the opportunity over the last few weeks while we’ve been in lockdown to troll through my archives and select a few of my

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