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Aperture Priority NZ is collection of photographs and stories by New Zealand photographer Rick Harvey.

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A Quick Look At Nik Collection 7

Having just arrived home after being on the road in our motorhome for the best part of 5 months I was very keen to get stuck into a couple of things in particular:  I had treated myself to a new

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15 fine art luts

DxO Photolab 7 – 15 Fine Art LUTs

As I haven’t posted any stories for a while, I decided to spend some time “under the hood” of Photolab 7 so to speak to lean a little bit more about presets and LUTs. What’s the difference between a preset

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learn to love your own photos

Learn To Love Your Own Photos

Do you often look at other photographers’ work- whether on the web or in magazines or books? AND…compare your own photos with theirs? When it comes to assessing our own photography I think that we are, more often than not,

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Is It Okay To Shoot In Auto Mode?

Have you ever wondered when is it okay to shoot in auto mode – whether setting your camera P-mode, or Auto, or in the case of my Panasonic – iA mode? I’m sure that we’ve all heard –  or been

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stories from the road - motorhoming in new zealand

Postcards From The North Island

Postcards From The North Island Growing up I remember listening to a radio programme by Alistair Cook called Letter From America. I loved his mellifluous voice, and the stories he told, and often thought it would be wonderful to be

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Apertureprioritynz.com is my space on the ‘net where I share photography-related stories and many of the images I take, and as my blog title suggests, I shoot primarily in aperture priority mode.

I often debate with myself whether this photo blog drives my photography, or whether my photography drives my photo blog. Whichever way round it is, I take photographs for fun, and my primary goal is to create pictures that please me – and if they please you when you come to visit here, then that is so much better.

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