Aperture Priority NZ is a collection of photographs and stories by New Zealand photographer Rick Harvey

Hello - and welcome to Aperture Priority NZ

I’m Rick Harvey – an amateur photographer living in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Apparently, every website or blog should have an “About” page – so here is mine. 

If you are like me you probably don’t like seeing photos of yourself, and probably struggle to write about yourself too…but here goes.

Apertureprioritynz.com is my space on the ‘net where I can tell photography-related stories and share many of the images I take, and as my blog’s title suggests, I shoot primarily in aperture priority mode. I often debate with myself whether this photo blog drives my photography, or whether my photography drives my photo blog.

Whichever way round it is, I take photographs for fun, and my primary goal is to create pictures that please me – and if they please you when you come to visit here, then that is so much better.

I describe myself as a lazy photographer – an opportunist who rarely plans a photoshoot – but rather enjoys just “snapping” whatever I come across.

For me it is the final picture that matters, rather than the technicalities of getting there. That is not to say that I am averse to a bit of image post-processing – because I am not.

My go-to software for image processing is from the DxO stable of products – Photolab and the Nik Collection. I sometimes use On1 Photo Raw as well but find it a little bit sluggish on my computer.

But talking about post-processing software is a little like putting the cart before the horse. 

My camera gear is limited. Being retired I work to a limited budget.

My number one camera is a micro four-thirds format Panasonic Lumix G95, normally used with a Panasonic 12-60mm zoom kit-lens. In my gear bag is also a Pansonic 25mm prime.

Occasionally I dabble with 35mm film – in which case I use an elderly Canon EOS1000F with 35-80 zoom.

So, apart from a couple of filters and a tripod, that’s about the extent of my gear!

So – again – welcome to my website – I hope you enjoy what you read and see here.

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