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Breathe Old Life Into New Photos

I bet you found your way to this story by searching for “how to breathe new life into old photos”. What you’ve found is a story about how to breathe old life into new photos! However, you got here –

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Shooting Photos At Night With A Smartphone

This was never intended to be a story about shooting black-and-white photos with a smartphone. Nor was it intended to be a story about shooting photos at night with a smartphone. It sort of just happened – probably because I

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shags perching - see in black and white

I’m Learning To See In Black And White

Shooting photographs in black and white can be a bit like stepping back in time – after all black and white photography has been with us for over a hundred years. I like black and white, and lately, I’ve been

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photographing trees - misty trees morrisons bush

Photographing Trees

Photographing Trees   I never really stopped to think about taking photographs of trees as a specific niche genre of photography. But apparently, it is! A Google search throws up dozens and dozens of pages on how to photograph trees,

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Re-tyred Beetle in a car wrekcers yard, Invercargill black and white street views

Awesome Black And White Street Views

It might be strange for me to say this, but this collection of photographs of black and white street views was inspired by – or rather motivated by – Canadian photographer Kyle McDougall’s visual story called An American Mile which

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iconic Invercargill Burt Munro - should you use photography presets

Should You Use Photography Presets

Should you use photography presets? Do real photographers use photography presets? I ask those questions, especially the second one, a little tongue in cheek because a few days ago a story about photography presets popped up in my Facebook news

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