Awesome Black And White Street Views

Re-tyred Beetle in a car wrekcers yard, Invercargill black and white street views
Re-tyred Beetle in a car wreckers yard, Invercargill.

It might be strange for me to say this, but this collection of photographs of black and white street views was inspired by – or rather motivated by – Canadian photographer Kyle McDougall’s visual story called An American Mile which I stumbled across a few days ago.

of black and white street views Sure my photographs and his are in no way alike, but it was the concept of a series of photographs based on a theme that attracted my attention.

Kyle has two themes running through his images. Obviously the landscapes along the American mile create the number one theme, while the other theme is his use of a film simulation on his images using a preset for Kodak Portra he created himself.

For my collection of images, the number one theme is basic street views from around my hometown, Invercargill. 

Black and white street views

The number two theme is the altered reality of those street views by converting them to and presenting them in black and white.

The black and white conversions were completed using Nik Silver Efex Pro, and rather than use a single common look across all the images, I attempted to match the final black and white look to the content of the image itself.

For example, for some photographs, I added a touch of grunge, in others a bit of grain, a vignette in others, and so on.

The original photographs were captured on my Lumix G95 in RAW format; optical corrections were applied inside DxO Photolab 4; then exported to Nik Silver Efex Pro in JPEG format for black and white conversion.

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  1. Ian Brunt says:

    Fantastic set of images. My preference for my photos is also b+w. Thanks for posting

    • Rick says:

      Thanks for the kind comment Ian. Yes – I am growing increasingly fond of black and white. Time will tell whether or not I keep in touch with the genre…so watch this space to see if I do.

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