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monkey island te wae wae bay western southland

Learning To Love Black And White Photography

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of websites and blogs offering tips and tutorials about shooting black and white.photography – what works, what doesn’t, how to see in black and white, and so on. But, this far into my journey

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Looks Like A Storm Brewing, Mouth Of The Grey River - August 2023

The Great Wave, Greymouth 2023

One of the most famous examples of Japanese art is called The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. It is a woodblock print produced by Katsushika Hokusai in 1831. No – the photograph above is not it! Not too many years after

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to be creative takes courage how to break out of your photography rut

5 Ideas To Help Break Out Of Your Photography Rut

So you’ve found yourself lacking motivation with your photography lately. It’s not uncommon. It’s happened to all photographers at some time I’m sure. So how do you break out of your photography rut? It is probably helpful to consider what

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stories from the road - motorhoming in new zealand

ferry reserve as seen from the old manawatu gorge bridge

Ferry Reserve Freedom Camping Area

  Back in April I wrote a story called Our Favourite Freedom Camping Sites – Part 1. This isn’t Part 2 – that is still to come – probably after we finish our jaunt around the lower half of the

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Postcards From The North Island

Postcards From The North Island Growing up I remember listening to a radio programme by Alistair Cook called Letter From America. I loved his mellifluous voice, and the stories he told, and often thought it would be wonderful to be

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black and white

Its Important To Take Bad Pictures Sometimes

    Diane Arbus, a doyen of black and white photography, once said “It’s important to take bad pictures”, the rationale being that by recognising bad pictures we will understand what makes good pictures. She also said, “I’ve never taken

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a brief excursion to wellington

A Brief Excursion To Wellington

  We were very lucky that New Zealand, except for Auckland, moved from Covid Alert Level 3 to Level 2 at one minute to midnight, Tuesday 7th September. Lucky because Lyn and I were due to fly out of Invercargill

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crane on a construction site reaching towards the sky

Candid Street Photography

I’ve never really tackled any candid street photography before, but an opportunity arose recently so I took a crack at it. There is a major redevelopment underway in the heart of my hometown Invercargill. When I say major that’s exactly

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old chimney standing on the rocky kaikoura foreshore

Is Nik Collection 6 The Best Yet?

Almost a year ago I wrote a story about 6 reasons to use Nik Collection 5, and a few days ago DxO released the latest version of the Nik Collection – but is Nik Collection 6 the best yet? I’m

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serenity - love-hate relationship with on1 photo raw

My Love-Hate Relationship WIth On1 Photo RAW

My Love-Hate Relationship With On1 Photo RAW I have had an ongoing love-hate relationship with On1 Photo RAW for several years now – seven in fact – well it’s really eight years as the relationship started with On1 Photo 10

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